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I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry

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2,400 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Perfect for EVERY occasion 
The donut chain created the special ‘Double Hundred Dozen’ as part of its new ‘Occasions’ offering which caters to large scale events and parties. 

#”hello yes i would like 2400 donuts”#” okay sir what event are you hosting?”#”the event is called ‘i am going to eat 2400 donuts’ ”
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1 (800) DID-I-ASK
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Your kisses leave me wanting nothing but more and i love how perfectly my hand fits in yours. 

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mostly nature
Artist: UnknownThe Front Bottoms
Title: UnknownFlashlight (Acoustic Banjo Version)
Album: Unknown
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before and after injecting 1 meth

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an inspiring story if there ever was one


why can’t I just quit school and travel the world already?

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